Sunday, May 16, 2010

To Michael

I loved Michael dearly, I met him when I was very young and he is part of who I am. He was the only person who always understood what I meant without having to explain it all, we used to have a cue, when one of us started to explain or repeat a concept, the other one was to say, "it's me", then we’d smiled and kept going.
Then there was the not so pretty side of Michael, so eventually, when I had my son, I had to keep a distance, and time went by....
Ironically, I always planned to bring Michael into my son's life once he was old enough, for the same mental expansion that I and so many others had experienced thanks to him. Sadly, that was not meant to be. I am thankful to Michael and I am thankful I got to tell him how much he meant to me a few weeks before he died.
He was the most intelligent person I’ve ever known, and extremely generous with his gift and his energy.
You were my mind mate, I miss you Michael.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Michael's FaceBook R.I.P.

Teri Szucs

 Teri Szucs Michael Pataki R.I.P. My mind mate died yesterday. My brain is lonely. You will always be part of who I am. I will miss you. I know how much you fought this. I cannot say goodbye, I need to believe you are still out there, that what I know, you would know, as always. I love you Michael.

Mary Ann Salisbury
Mary Ann Salisbury
I am so going to miss my friend MichaelPataki. What an honor it was to be his friend. Simply the best!



Mary Ann SalisburyMary Ann Salisbury I thought I coined the term "Wacky Pataki" I guess it just goes to say that it's an apt description of a fantastic person!

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Rigg Kennedy
Rigg Kennedy
I was sitting in a theatre at CBS Studios on Fairfax & Beverly Blvds.Michael was doing a theatre presentation with a BAR OF SOAP STARS who were presenting this for a lot of CBS suits and others. I cannot recall the reason for it but I remember two agents in suits who came and saw Michael and one agent said to the other: "THERE'S WACKY PATAKI." I told Michael later. He did not like my report. I thought it odd that these straight suits knew something about my friend that rang true and wondered how many other industry suits knew of Michael and his antics. Then I remembered CBS PRESIDENT LES MOONVES was an old friend of Michael's and he must have enjoyed Michael's "wacky" personality before he moved up the suit-ladder. I also know that when Michael was doing HAPPY DAYS at the time the female equivalent of the FONZE came on SET.She had forgotten her line or didn't execute a blocking move was highly criticized and humiliated by Henry Winkler. "Wacky" Pataki saw the Fonze make bad fun of the Fonze actress (cannot re-call her name--sorry) so Michael who was also quite heroic huddled with Henry and said ---while biting his finger-nails and tttttmmmpppptting the fingernail-shards into Henry's face explained that it was bad taste to humiliate an actress who came before the camera and was mis-stepping over line-memorization or delivery or a host of other things that would necessitate a " cut" and to have to do another take. Michael to approach one of the stars of HAPPY DAYS WITH AN ETIQUETTE SUGGESTION and RISK HIS FUTURE EMPLOYMENT ON A HIT TV SHOW WAS AN HEROIC ACT OF A TRUE ARTIST--NOT AT ALL "WACKY!!!!" MORE ACTORS SHOULD HAVE SUCH ETIQUETTE. IT REMINDS ME OF WHEN I PLAYED A REPORTER ON MC MILLAN & WIFE. ROCK HUDSON STOPPED THE DIRECTOR/CAMERA AND SAID "THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR RIGG. I AM BLOCKING HIS LIGHT." THE LIGHTING WAS CORRECTED AND WE WENT ON WITH THE SCENE. ACTORS OR STAR-ACTORS SHOULD HAVE THE GOOD SENSE AND COURTESY TO RESPECT THE OTHER ACTORS WHO APPEAR ON SET. JUST BECAUSE WE/THEY ARE NOT STARS DOESN'T MEAN THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED BY ANYONE WHO GETS FAN MAIL. RESPECT ON THE SET MUST BE MUTUAL. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS LIKE WHAT LILLIAN HELLMAN WROTE IN HER AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL BOOK, PENTIMENTO : "NERVOUSNESS IN THE THEATRE IS A CANCER TO THE PRODUCTION." OR SOME SUCH WORDS. PATAKI WAS WACKY BUT SO IS GOD.
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David ShepherdDavid Shepherd
Veteran actor Michael Pataki passed away on April 15. The cause of death was cancer. Variety has his obituary. In addition to hundreds of roles in
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Mary Ann Salisbury

Mary Ann Salisbury So I heard that Michael Pataki's Memorial Service willl take place over the May Day weekend. Rigg, Teri, is that correct?

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Alex Irish

Alex Irish
A sad day for animation fans
Veteran actor Michael Pataki passed away on April 15. The cause of death was cancer. Variety has his obituary. In addition to hundreds of roles in
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Cartoon Steve

Cartoon Steve Rest in Peace Michael Pataki, voice of George Liquor on Ren and Stimpy - the Klingon in "The Trouble With Tribbles"

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Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson Michael Pataki was one of those actors you saw all the time on television (and, particularly, just about every major show in the '60s and '70s). He wasn't given much to do on "The Amazing Spider-Man" (CBS, first season, 1978), but it was nice to see him in a weekly series, at least for ...See More
His film debut was an uncredited role in 1958's "Ten North Frederick," but it was at a 1966 summer stock festival in Edinburgh that he impressed.
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Andrew Cornett

Andrew Cornett RIP Michael Pataki I will always remember you for your work as George Liquor. :.(

10 hours ago
Brian Perler

Brian Perler Michael Pataki passed away. As a fan of both MST3K and Star Trek, that's kind of a bummer. :( "I didn't mean to say that the Enterprise should be hauling garbage. I meant to say that it should be hauled away *as* garbage!"

Yesterday at 10:36am
Nick Graystone

Nick Graystone RIP Michael Pataki. He played Dr. Hoffman in Halloween 4 but is most know for being Ivan Drago's Russian Don King guy. "WHateva he hits , he destroys!".

Yesterday at 7:18am
Jonathan Yuhas

Jonathan Yuhas RIP, Michael Pataki (Dr. Hoffman, Halloween 4: The Return of MichaelMyers), RIP

Yesterday at 5:45am
Timothy John Bowen

Timothy John Bowen RIP Michael Pataki. Nothing lasts forever, only love, only love. (MST3K fans should get that)

Yesterday at 5:33am
Jason Goldtrap

Jason Goldtrap Michael Pataki, the Klingon who hurls the insults and starts the fight, passed away April 15. He was 72.

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Paul Petroskey

Paul Petroskey RIP early 70's exploitiation star MICHAEL PATAKI
His film debut was an uncredited role in 1958's "Ten North Frederick," but it was at a 1966 summer stock festival in Edinburgh that he impressed.
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Greg Method

Greg Method Michael Pataki, the voice of George Liquor, has died. It truly was discipline that begot love.

Yesterday at 1:04am

Mark H. Rollie

Mark H. Rollie RIP for character actor Michael Pataki, who appeared in dozens - or more! - TV episodes and movies from the 60s thru the 70s and 80s. If you lived at the drive-in movie theatres, for sure you would have seen him every season in at least one movie!
Variety reports that Michael Pataki has died of cancer at the age of 72. The character actor appeared in numerous films and television episodes, often as
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Ethan Z Poschman

Ethan Z Poschman RIP Michael Pataki-- a true and unimpeachable AMERICAN.
Ren Stimpy and George Liquor go to the dog show in Houston
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Scamper Robinson

Scamper Robinson RIP
Let me tell you about a man. A man who both had a lot to do with Liquor, and a little to do with 3 separate generations of Star Trek. Interested yet? Anyone still reading? You’d better be, this is the most amazing adventure you’re ever going to take in two paragraphs. ...
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Richard S Meyers

Richard S Meyers R.I.P. Michael Pataki. No matter what the movie, always a great performance. Grave of the Vampire was my fave. Balls to the wall sir. Happy afterlife.

Yesterday at 12:09pm 

Veteran actor Michael Pataki passed away on April 15. The cause of death was cancer. Variety has his obituary. In addition to hundreds of roles in
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Nathan Ketchen

Nathan Ketchen Michael Pataki died yesterday. He does the voice of George Liquor.


Actingon said...

Michael Pataki was one of the few actors I knew who also knew of the notorious Frenchmen who played music out of his butt, "La Petomane." He even wanted to make a film on the subject! Michael was honest to the point of shocking, always a challenge, a true artist and exciting talent who will be missed by all who knew him.
Frank Cavestani

DmRofAtoZ said...

As stated elsewhere, I'd already begun readying this for big time Web sharing when I heard the news of Michael's ascension.
Seemed so timely. I'd probably initiated the video version as he was passing ! ( Hmm )

and how does a video-link work here ?